Thanks God! 2020 is over!!

The vaccine is here, and hopefully this #COVID-19 nightmare will end soon. I am an optimistic. I am. I want to believe that the vaccine will be given to the most vulnerable people. Yes, including the elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions. And I hope all the governments are able to secure the necessary amount of vaccines for their respective populations.

Today, more than ever, sharing is important.

I wish us all a wonderful 2021, and please do not pay attention to the “what did you achieve this 2020?” posts that the-so-called-influencers love promoting at this time of year. They just want attention, so don’t give it to them 😅😂 We, bloggers, are a bit too self-centered sometimes 😅😳

We still alive, healthy and most importantly, sane. Or in my case, just about. ☺️

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe 😘

Photo taken by Yoneblogger