I’ve never had a daruma doll before. I always thought they were beautiful, I just simply didn’t get one. Don’t know why, maybe it’s just one of those things.

But walking on the beach in the British shoreline, I find myself thinking of Japan. The every day things I used to do, eat, enjoy and have at hand.

I sit among the pebbles and mindlessly pick one after another and then, a pebble with a rare and yet familiar shape catches my eye.

“It can’t be, can it?,” I ask to no one.

I look at it, and it’s definitely the perfect shape for a daruma doll.

I keep it in my bag. It goes with me everywhere. Sometimes, I even forget I have it there, but the not-yet daruma doll tangles itself in my fingers every time I fish into my bag for something and quietly reminds me he is not going anywhere. But I am not ready yet so he waits.

Maybe the Gods decided that it is time, they give me back the letters, the drawings and all the things that make me happy, so today my hands seem to move at their own will, I have little or nothing to do with the daruma doll and neither with this post. But I want you to know both have been created with love.

Have a lovely week

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Hope is never lost.

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